It depends, some businesses are saleable; others are not.

Every company is unique and for this reason, my company offers a free, no-obligation consultation. I strongly urge you to call me and tell me about your business. When we talk you I'll give you an update on current market conditions and buyer activity in your industry. You will get to know me and I'll make recommendations for your next steps.

Get the facts about today's market – no hype, no pressure – just straightforward talk from and experienced acquisition executive.

Selling a business is a full time job and requires the efforts of a full time project manager. That's what I do; manage the entire sale process from inception to closing.

To achieve top dollar for your company, a formal sale process should be conducted. This includes valuation, pre-deal due diligence, packaging, targeting, negotiation and closing. Owners who follow this strategy typically receive multiple offers and will close in six to seven months.

Many brokerage firms are more interested in "getting the listing" than following a formal sale process. That's why the industry average closing time is 15 to 18 months.

I have strict criteria about the companies I represent and it has nothing to do with size. What's more important is working with owners who have a realistic expectation of value, a believable reason for selling and are prepared to take the time to help me learn about their companies.

Most of my clients' businesses sell in about half the time of industry averages and I enjoy one of the highest closing averages in the industry. That's because I work with a small number of good companies and dedicate all my effort to getting the transaction completed at top pricing. Besides, my livelihood and compensation depend on my performance.

My typical client is a business owner with company revenues between $2 and $50 million who needs help locating a buyer to purchase, own and continue the business. Don't read this as think I don't work with smaller businesses – I do. In fact, some of my most rewarding professional experiences have come from selling smaller businesses. Small company owners deserve the same respect and expertise as larger firms, and like I said before, it's not about size - its about you.

If we engage, your business will sell; In this I am confident.

Yes. Our particular expertise is working with private equity firms seeking add-on acquisitions to existing portfolio companies. We consider these buyers "strategic" because they seek synergistic companies with promising growth prospects.

JMR Capital engages as "finder" for several private investment companies. We have closed several transactions with equity buyers and it's our experience these companies are knowledgeable, have management transition in place, and act quickly and decisively. Sellers working with this type of buyer, should realize it's more important to be selective in the matchmaking process than it is to conduct an auction.

If you are contacted by a private investment firm, the first thing you should do is hire a deal maker with Private Equity Transaction Experience and is fluent in current market pricing and conditions.

Value to You

  • Closing ratio exceeds industry averages.

  • Experience – brokering transactions for more than 30 years; business owner for 20 years.

  • Mark's Network connections are both local and national. He has extensive database of financially qualified buyers including high wealth individuals, companies and private investment groups.

  • A single contact from inception to closing is convenient, safeguards confidentiality and minimizes unwanted publicity.

  • Expert know-how, capability and involvement – your project will never be handed down or delegated to anyone with less experience.

  • Faster time to closing.

  • Working with Mark you will be prepared to meet with buyers and how to present the company in its best light.

  • Access to a personal financial advisor – Mark assesses all aspects of a proposed transaction and explains how values are determined and the deal value to you.

  • You will get more for your business than if you go it alone.

That's why we are successful and are called upon by business owners to help them sell their companies.


JMR Capital, Inc. and Mark Richardson and their work product comply with IRS definitions for "qualified appraisers and qualified appraisals" as outlined in the pension protection act of 2006. Business valuation engagements are conducted in accordance with the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts' Professional Standards and meet or exceed guideline standards established by the AICPA. Certified Machinery and Equipment appraisals are prepared to the rules and standards of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

This means our reports are accepted by the IRS, banking regulators, the SBA and the courts.

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Principal and Founder
Mark has been buying and selling businesses since 1982.


JMR Capital and National Equipment Appraisal's combined talents can handle the entire business sale from concept to closing. We are one of only a few companies that are certified in all three disciplines - Business Valuation, Machinery & Equipment Appraisal and Merger and Acquisition Services.


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