Why do I say 2022 is the Perfect time to sell your business?

My name is Mark Richardson, the founder of JMR Capital, Inc., a mergers and acquisitions firm specializing in advisory and brokerage services for privately-owned businesses just like yours.

Whether you're thinking of selling your business soon, or sometime in the future, I urge you to call me at 714-282-7146. Even if you simply want to know what your business is worth right now, I invite you to get in touch.


Here are the Facts

Fact #1: What about COVID 19? Deals are still getting done.

Fact #2: There is Strong Demand for non-cyclical businesses such as those involved in facility services, industrial maintenance services, technology, cybersecurity, software, data, healthcare and medical and B2B services. For the later part of the decade, these types companies have been a favored acquisition target and today the demand is even higher because of uncertainty in other industries that are more cyclical.

Fact #3: Buyer Competition. There are fewer viable companies available for sale and more buyers (mostly private equity) chasing them. Strategic and add-on investors need to buy complementary companies to support sales and earnings growth and meet investor expectations. The resulting demand imbalance favors sellers and is creating upward pressure on multiples especially in recession resistant (healthcare), B2B Services, and high growth (technology) areas.

Fact #4: There's too much money on the sidelines. Investors pulled an unprecedented amount of money from the stock market and everyone knows private equity firms worldwide are sitting on cash. There's too much volatility on the public markets and sellers of high quality companies will benefit as the strategic buyers and investment firms deploy cash.

The Bottom Line

For these and other reasons, now is a great time to sell your business.

This fact may come as a surprise to you, but not to my firm, JMR Capital, Inc. That's because buyer interest in the companies we're taking to market is up 300% to 500%. And our registered buyers are all pre-qualified, financially capable, and ready to buy.

For a free initial consultation call: 714-282-7146



Buyer List

Our database includes approximately 1400  high wealth individuals, corporate executives, public and private companies and private investment groups.

Buyer Qualification

High wealth individual buyers are asked to complete a Personal Profile and submit a Resume of work experience. We also ask for a personal financial statement, bank references and personal references. 

A similar qualification process is undertaken with Corporate (strategic) buyers. If public information is not available, we ask for the company's most recent financial statements and evidence of prior transaction experience.

Investment funds typically submit a company profile, fund information, acquisition criteria and a listing of portfolio companies.

Buyers that are not willing to provide the information we require are not listed in our database. We only deal with serious, motivated buyers.

Disclaimer: Please Read

The Buyer profiles presented on this site have registered with JMR Capital, Inc. and are a sampling of the personal and private business buyer database of J. Mark Richardson. The inclusion of any firm, entity or website is a subjective decision based on relevancy to the intended audience and not an endorsement by J. Mark Richardson, JMR Capital, Inc., or any affiliated business entity. We have made a reasonable effort to determine the accuracy of the data presented us. Profile information presented on this site should not be relied on as the basis for any investment or divestiture decisions you make. 


Read My Full Bio

 Industry Averages
Closing Rate
< 40%
Time to Closing
6 to 7 months
15 to 18 months
Valuation Accuracy
90% to 120%






Founder/Owner: JMR Capital, Inc. and National Equipment Appraisal 

Years of brokering and deal making experience: 32

Married / One Son / Resides in Anaheim Hills, CA

Favorite Song: It's a long way to the top if you want to Rock 'n Roll (AC/DC)
Favorite Movie: The Blues Brothers 
Favorite Sport: Hockey (Anaheim Ducks)
Second Favorite Sport: Notre Dame Football
Favorite Exercise: Walking / Hiking / Running
Favorite Pastime: Playing with our grandaughter
Favorite Club: Notre Dame Professionals OC

Favorite Personality: Pope Francis

Describe your job in one sentance: " I clarify expectations and pour the wine"

Best advice given to me: "When you run out of good things to say about yourself, you start saying bad things about other people."

The advice I give most often: "Patience pays. Good deals fall apart at least four times before closing" [Here's a secret: It takes a pro to keep it together]

Number of cups of coffee: 6400+ 


Thinking about your future? Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about it. Call me at 714.282.7146

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Customized Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Membership and trade organizations and corporate management teams can request customized workshops relating to mergers, acquisitions and value creation. To inquire about booking Mark Richardson at your next event please send email.


August 2014 - Light manufacturing or B2B Service businesses located in Orange, Riverside or San Diego County. This executive is looking for a family business to own and operate and is pre-qualified for a purchase valuation of $2 million. (Buyer down-payment and bank loan.) Serious buyer ready to buy now; call for details.

Merger and Acquisition Southern California

July 2014 - Manufacturing M&A Expected to Surge over Next 12 Months. (Source: Mergers & Acquisition Magazine). JMR Capital has several registered buyers seeking investments in manufacturing companies. Contact our office for details.

June 2014 - Wanted: Specialty chemical manufacturer, processor or distributor. Location preference Western US. This company is seeking top line revenue growth through acquisition.

May 2014 - Entrepreneurial Executive looking for owners who seek liquidity and want to transition from day to day operations. This buyer is an engineer and a technology specialist. Owns several patents - Qualifies for businesses with Sales of $3MM to $10MM.

Merger and Acquisition Central California

April 2014 - Strategic Buyer seeking Value Added Distribution Companies in California with minimum sales of $5MM.

March 2014 - Machine shops (several inquiries). Suppliers to aerospace industry and manufacturers in CA, OR, NV, UT and AZ.All type and size of shops, including EDM companies and Laser cutting.

February 2014 - Outsourced Healthcare Services - Companies that focus on providing outsourced functions like outsourced medical coding and billing, hospital equipment maintenance, surgical tool repair, assurance testing and compliance services, outsourced revenue
cycle management for private practices and pharmacies.

January 2014 - Legal Support Services - Companies that provide litigation or other legal related support services to law firms, corporations and the government. Examples: eDiscovery, Document management, Due Diligence Management, Court reporting, Subpoena delivery.

Merger Candidates from Northern California

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can you help me sell my business?

    It depends, some businesses are saleable; others are not.

    Every company is unique and for this reason, my company offers a free, no-obligation consultation. I strongly urge you to call me and tell me about your business. When we talk you I'll give you an update on current market conditions and buyer activity in your industry. You will get to know me and I'll make recommendations for your next steps.

    Get the facts about today's market – no hype, no pressure – just straightforward talk from and experienced acquisition executive.

  • Q: How long does it take to sell a business?

    Selling a business is a full time job and requires the efforts of a full time project manager. That's what I do; manage the entire sale process from inception to closing.

    To achieve top dollar for your company, a formal sale process should be conducted. This includes valuation, pre-deal due diligence, packaging, targeting, negotiation and closing. Owners who follow this strategy typically receive multiple offers and will close in six to seven months.

    Many brokerage firms are more interested in "getting the listing" than following a formal sale process. That's why the industry average closing time is 15 to 18 months.

  • Q: What size companies do you represent?

    I have strict criteria about the companies I represent and it has nothing to do with size. What's more important is working with owners who have a realistic expectation of value, a believable reason for selling and are prepared to take the time to help me learn about their companies.

    Most of my clients' businesses sell in about half the time of industry averages and I enjoy one of the highest closing averages in the industry. That's because I work with a small number of good companies and dedicate all my effort to getting the transaction completed at top pricing. Besides, my livelihood and compensation depend on my performance.

    My typical client is a business owner with company revenues between $2 and $50 million who needs help locating a buyer to purchase, own and continue the business. Don't read this as think I don't work with smaller businesses – I do. In fact, some of my most rewarding professional experiences have come from selling smaller businesses. Small company owners deserve the same respect and expertise as larger firms, and like I said before, it's not about size - its about you.

    If we engage, your business will sell; In this I am confident.

  • Q: Should I explore private equity opportunities?

    Yes. Our particular expertise is working with private equity firms seeking add-on acquisitions to existing portfolio companies. We consider these buyers "strategic" because they seek synergistic companies with promising growth prospects.

    JMR Capital engages as "finder" for several private investment companies. We have closed several transactions with equity buyers and it's our experience these companies are knowledgeable, have management transition in place, and act quickly and decisively. Sellers working with this type of buyer, should realize it's more important to be selective in the matchmaking process than it is to conduct an auction.

    If you are contacted by a private investment firm, the first thing you should do is hire a deal maker with Private Equity Transaction Experience and is fluent in current market pricing and conditions.

  • Q: Why should we engage JMR Capital, Inc.?

    Value to You

    • Closing ratio exceeds industry averages.

    • Experience – brokering transactions for more than 30 years; business owner for 20 years.

    • Mark's Network connections are both local and national. He has extensive database of financially qualified buyers including high wealth individuals, companies and private investment groups.

    • A single contact from inception to closing is convenient, safeguards confidentiality and minimizes unwanted publicity.

    • Expert know-how, capability and involvement – your project will never be handed down or delegated to anyone with less experience.

    • Faster time to closing.

    • Working with Mark you will be prepared to meet with buyers and how to present the company in its best light.

    • Access to a personal financial advisor – Mark assesses all aspects of a proposed transaction and explains how values are determined and the deal value to you.

    • You will get more for your business than if you go it alone.

    That's why we are successful and are called upon by business owners to help them sell their companies.

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rsz 054 1Mark Richardson
Principal and Founder
Mark has been buying and selling businesses since 1982.


JMR Capital and National Equipment Appraisal's combined talents can handle the entire business sale from concept to closing. We are one of only a few companies that are certified in all three disciplines - Business Valuation, Machinery & Equipment Appraisal and Merger and Acquisition Services.


Phone: 714-282-7146
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